EEL V4-48V 230Ah/280Ah/302Ah Smart LiFePO4 DIY Box with JK BMS

Built-in 250A Circuit Breaker
We will use a physical high-quality waterproof circuit breaker to protect your batteries.

Balance Function
Built-in 2A active balance BMS

One-touch Control
The one-touch button makes it easy to control and monitor your battery status.

Bluetooth JK APP Control
User-friendly App that sets your battery system with your phone at any time.

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EVE Certified Supplier

Shenzhen EEL Battery Co., Ltd. has been granted authorization by EVE Energy Co., Ltd. to utilize its registered trademark EVE (registration number: 7344903) for various purposes such as product related display, sales, intellectual property complaints, and more.

1, R&D cooperation: Jointly develop high-performance, high-safety and low-cost lithium battery products.
2, production cooperation: Jointly enhance the production efficiency and cost competitiveness of lithium battery.
3, sales cooperation: Jointly expand the market share of lithium battery.


EELBATTERY is a leading online energy supplier. Since our inception, we have steadily grown to become one of the most robust energy dealers nationwide. We provide a large variety of products, custom-designed solar electric systems, and superb technical support throughout your installation.

We design, supply, and delivers raw battery cells and complete solar energy systems for homeowners, business program, and installers. We use only the highest-rated manufacturers in our design layouts, customized for your specific needs and requirements. We have a commitment to excellence for our valued customers, offering wholesale pricing that ensures a powerful return on investment.


    we will test all the lifepo4 batteries' capacity, voltage, and Internal Resistance. The capacity must be above the rated capacity, the voltage deviation must be less than 0.5V. We balance all raw batteries to ensure that the internal resistance, voltage, and capacity are completely matched and balanced before packing.


    Using laminated production technology, LiFePO4 Battery has higher capacity and better performance in charging and discharging, and life cycle, with a thinner body, lighter weight, more flexible size, and shape, which can adapt to a variety of applications, has better stability and tolerance in high-temperature discharging.


    We provide original raw battery cells with intact QR Codes and Grade A+ performance. Our supply comes directly from CATL, EVE factory. We also own a warehouse in California, USA, shipping by FedEx, with a complete supply chain, making the lead time within 1 week.


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